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kate is l'awesome!

Kate's sixteen! That is totally fabulous, and also cool because it means we've like, been friends for a year now, and Nicole didn't have to remind me which day was her birthday! And she is totally rockin' and awesome and follows all the minxmandments like a good girl should. Because she's the good...est of them all, in a totally awesome way. And she is my Marissa, and my Charlotte, and my Lavender! Especially my Lavender. Minus the OotP theory. :|

Um, I don't know what to say about Kate :X Because I mean, she is awesome and I never thought we'd end up as good friends as we are now, or that we'd go through all of the *cough* drama that we have been, but it's been so worth it and I guess that since she's made me pray and all, she's CHANGED ME FOR THE BETTER. But that's okay because I've changed her for the worse, because she can now say smartass. And I love her tons and I'd pick her for chex any day of the week (Because Lisa and Nicole scare me). And I think that last part is like, the most loving thing I could say EVER, so I think I should leave it at that! I'm always here for you to run up the texting bills... and the phone bills.... and the, um, okay, run out of bills. Whatev. We'll make some up after I finish doing your homework. :)

*mucho minxy glares*

Sorry you get your present a week late. Keep thinking - MEANINGFUL SENTIMENT!
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